Welcome to Instrument Science

Our mission is to seek, develop and supply appropriate instrumentation for the pursuit of productive science. Our core products are used by scientists in a diverse range of disciplines, who need to measure stable isotope ratios, trace gas concentration levels, or energy expenditure.

For Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry, we've developed technology that allows researchers to assemble customised systems, or upgrade existing instruments to take care of the high-throughput laboratory “grunt work”.

We've been involved in the development of Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) for over ten years, supplying labs as far afield as Canada and New Zealand. We currently offer the Profile, a third generation trace gas analyser ideally suited to hands-on research.

Our experience covers magnetic sector and quadrupole mass spectrometry, sample preparation systems and the associated electronics and software “glue” needed to make them work.

We are always interested in investigating new technologies and applications!



IRMS Upgrades

Our new breifing note on updating and upgrading stable isotope instruments is available by clicking here.

Resting Energy Expenditure

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